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June 20, 2016

This week in The Economist, 6/18/2016

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I’ve neglected this for a while – I’ve been busy with other stuff. But this week’s issue has a LOT of good articles that caught my attention. It’s the story of my life; everything always gets lumped together, rather than being spaced out in regular intervals.

  1. An article about computing bootcamps! This is especially relevant for me, since I’m taking a bootcamp right now, and bootcamps are the hot new thing in the US for people wanting to transition to software/web development and “data science”. The article doesn’t really take a stance, but describes the overall picture.
  2. It’s interesting to see the “manosphere” getting some attention here; I wrote a little about it a long time ago. I used to read Chateau Heartiste (one of the main blogs) religiously, but stopped following it closely due to time and the decline in the quality of positings there.
  3. The big issue of this week is Brexit. On the 23rd, British citizens will vote on a referendum to decide whether or not their country will stay in the European Union. Even though England does not use the euro, this decision has massive economic and political ramifications.
  4. A roaring trade“: this article describes how Chinese parents are moving to the US to take of their college-going children, and in doing so, buying properties in the US, driving up real-estate prices in some locations. Irvine gets a shoutout in this article, and this sentence really struck me: ““If you want to make money in real estate,” says Steven Lawson, the CEO of Windham Realty Group, “buy where the Chinese are buying, because they perpetuate the price increase.”
  5. Yes, for the love of God, please ban female genital mutilation. As always, whenever this topic is bought up, the related topic of male circumcision is raised, even though it is not the same thing – circumcision is mainly for aesthetic purposes, and the organ is still functional. It’s not really mutilation, even though some groups (like the manosphere), might like to claim otherwise. Neonatal male circumcision is the legacy of Mr. Kellogg, the same person of Corn Flakes fame (think about that next time you eat a bowl of cereal!).
  6. I sincerely hope that the recent shootings in the US (Orlando and UCLA) cause the population of the US to reflect and introspect about gun laws. The UCLA shooting is unfortunately not covered in this article, but the outcome is the same; people are dead, and we are left wondering…why? Donald Trump immediately tweeted this response after the shooting, which is just incredibly distasteful and unprofessional.

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