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May 18, 2016

Musiri Chamber Concerts, 5/2016

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This concert took place in Chennai on Saturday night (Sunday morning in the US):

It’s by my friend Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna. This features an absolutely riveting Naaganandhini (melakartha 30), with Thyagaraja’s Sattaleni Dhinamu. The ragam starts at 0:37:30 and the krithi and kalpana swarams go till 1:22:00 or so. Singing a vivadi ragam so elaborately is not trivial, and it demonstrates Balamurali’s creativity and the effort he has put in to master this unusual ragam. I don’t need to gush over Narayanan sir’s mrudangam performance in this concert; his anticipation of Balamurali’s sangathis and swara phrases always leaves me in awe, and the thani shows an intellectual approach to music, rather than raw power and speed.

The potential of vivadi melakarthas (like Naaganandhini, Yaagapriya, Kosalam, Chitrambari, and others) was first demonstrated by Vidwan Thanjavur S. Kalyanaraman. There is a recording that he released where he has sung krithis in all of the melakarthas along with ragam and swaram; these serve as prototypes on how the vivadi melakarthas can be approached.


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