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April 23, 2016

This week in the economist, 4/23/2016

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I’ve decided to start a series of posts with this title, where I post interesting articles from the week’s issue of The Economist. I have been a subscriber for a while, and these articles are the ones that catch my interest; so these may be more US-centric.

  1. Unloved and Unstoppable – a much needed critical analysis of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
  2. Not going to Jackson – Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Keep in mind that she isn’t the first woman to be on US currency; that honor would belong to Susan B. Anthony.
  3. Nosedive – less people are doing cocaine today; it seems that the popularity of drugs changes from generation to generation.
  4. Delayed gratification – it seems that high students loans do not necessarily correlate with a lower probability of home ownership.
  5. Blood Sports – an article on Theranos spectacularly crashing and burning; I’m planning to write more about this later.
  6. Preparing for the Big One – an article about earthquake preparedness in various major cities in the world. I’ve always thought that if aliens were to visit our planet, one of the first things they would say is “are you people nuts for having such large populations in tectonically active areas?”

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