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December 31, 2015

Davidoff Hot Water and Red Shirt

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A lot has happened in the last month, and since the catastrophe with the rain and flooding in Chennai, my schedule and all my plans have been up in the air. I was incredibly busy with attending and performing concerts during the annual music season in Chennai, as well as organizing and overseeing my father’s 60th birthday celebrations (the sashtiabdapoorthi in Hindu culture).

On a lighter note, I finally opened a new bottle of cologne I had been saving for Christmas.


I saw this bottle in a couple of perfume stores during my travels last year, and immediately purchased it through Amazon. The draw for me was not that I thought this would have a unique scent but the fact that this is a Star Trek-branded cologne! Being a huge Trekkie, I was intrigued.

Unfortunately, this cologne is almost identical to one that I have been using for several years now… Davidoff Hot Water.


The similarities between the two make me feel like Red Shirt is a slight reformulation of Hot Water – it may have been made by the same company or the same person with a slight tweak of the base to make it different. Red Shirt has a bit more of an aquatic base to it compared to Hot Water – the spicy notes are muted, but the overall “heart” is the same. I think they may have just upped the dihydromyrcenol content in Hot Water to make Red Shirt. This seems to be in vogue nowadays – making men’s colognes that smell like soap or detergent, and unfortunately results in a lot of products smelling bland and characterless.

I guess this eventually happens once you start collecting colognes; you will encounter a lot of variations and imitations of original scents. I guess this just speaks to the success of the Davidoff house and the Hot Water cologne. I personally like Hot Water, although the reviews I have read tend to be mixed and it has not achieved the same success as the iconic Davidoff Cool Water.

Before I finish: Happy new year, everyone! I hope to increase the frequency of blogging somewhat (which will require me to lead a more active/ interesting life so that I actually have stuff to talk about), learn programming, web development, and hopefully get a job! Musically, I am hoping for more concerts, while collaborating and performing with more senior artists and talented young musicians. I also hope to FINALLY do AIR (All India Radio) grading this year and perform an HCL concert in the Madras Music Academy, allowing me to make progress towards my dream of performing in the Music Academy in December.

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