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June 20, 2015

Job listings, 6/20/2015

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More postings from the past week that have caught my attention:

1. Roche has an opening for a Principal Scientist in Florence, SC; looks like a process development position. I had previously unsuccessfully applied for this job, and the listing is still up. This is a demonstration of how the chemistry job market has become an “employers’ market” today.

2. If more evidence for the previous assertion were needed: Ariad Pharmaceuticals (Boston) is looking for a BS/MS chemist with 2-5 years experience for a Research Scientist I position. The last statement in the listing is especially telling: “Applicants with a Ph.D. will not be considered for this role”. This means the company has had PhD’s applying to its bachelor’s level positions in desperation! If any evidence for the saturation of the chemistry job market is desired, look no further.

3. This is interesting: Semprus Biosciences (Cambridge, MA) has an opening for high school graduates/Associates Degree holders. Realistically speaking, there is still a lot of grunt work in companies like these that needs to be done, and you can have high school graduates doing it; requiring a bachelor’s degree for this kind of work is overkill. Plus, on-the-job training and experience is oftentimes much more valuable than the abstract knowledge you would otherwise obtain through university coursework.

4. Eli Lilly (Indianapolis) has an opening for a Research Scientist in Formulations. Phd required.

5. Position for a synthetic organic/medicinal chemist in Milford, MA (I don’t know why this is listed as “Immunologist”… must have been written by an HR person who doesn’t know the difference).

6. Lilly has 2 Associate’s level positions open for BS/MS chemists with 0-5 years experience!

7. FONA International (Geneva, IL) has 2 openings for BS flavor chemists; 7-15 years experience required. Most of the positions I see in flavor or fragrance chemistry require prior experience; I would like to apply but there are a distinct lack of entry level positions advertised.

Now, I just want to clarify a couple more things. The term “entry level”, as far as I know, refers to any position requiring 0 years of experience, whether that is at the PhD or BS/MS level. A “Senior Scientist” position can therefore be considered entry level if it accepts fresh PhD graduates. That being said, I’ve had people (misguided people, mind you) tell me that “Oh, PhD-level positions are high-level positions; therefore, recruiting will occur only through internal recommendations…they will not look at applications submitted online”. There may be a 0.5-1% chance that that may be true. BUT, this goes against my experience talking to recruiting managers or individuals responsible for talent acquisition at companies; oftentimes, their first response is “look at our website, go through the positions, and apply to the ones that are a best fit”. I would prefer to think that they would not be lying to my face, telling me to put time and effort into applying when the applications may go directly to the shredder. Now, I don’t have any experience yet doing any work related to hiring, so I cannot resolve this myself.


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