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December 6, 2014

Davidoff Cool Water

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Davidoff Cool Water is a legit cologne, but it’s very success has become its fatal flaw. Because it is popular and so widely used, if you use it, and a lady friend tells you that you smell nice, chances are, you’re reminding her of someone else. If you’re young and dating impressionable girls for the first time, then this is a good purchase, and will ensure that you will be forever tied with the olfactory memory of this cologne in their minds.

Developing your own “unique” scent is a complex task, and research has shown this is tied to the MHC (major histocompatibility complex). There is a hypothesis that people select colognes/perfumes that amplify or reveal their immunogenetics. This due to another hypothesis, that individuals are attracted to those with opposite immune genotypes. Evolutionarily, this could be due to the necessity of preventing inbreeding.

Developing a unique scent also requires sifting through the thousands of colognes available today, and unfortunately, most modern ones are crap. I’ll return to this topic more later.

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