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July 19, 2012

Sports update

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A lot of stuff has happened since the last time I talked about sports… much to my chagrin, the Heat won the 2012 NBA Finals and LeBron got his first ring. Whether he can keep it up and get his “8 championships” like he so famously boasted about a couple of years ago remains to be seen. Steve Nash has joined the Lakers, filling the gaping hole that they have had at the PG position. He’s also looking to get a championship, and with Kobe getting old, the Lakers want to get one more championship before he has to retire, and this looks like the best shot. For the sake of the Lakers, and as a Lakers fan, I sincerely hope this works out. I’m still disappointed that we couldn’t get CP3 (thanks to NBA commissioner David Stern killing the trade at the last second), but getting Steve Nash isn’t half bad.

I was expecting Djoko to win the French Open since he seemed to be on an unstoppable winning streak since getting that new trainer last year and going on a gluten-free diet, but Nadal beat him, proving his absolute dominance on clay. Djoko winning the French Open would have also earned him a career slam in one year, which is something nobody has been able to do; alas, it remains that way today. Federer also won another major at Wimbledon. While he is still very good, he is also getting old, and is not at the same form that he was at when at his peak. I’m curious to see how long he can maintain this winning streak; was Wimbledon his last hurrah? We’ll have to see…

In other news, Caltech has been hit with athletic sanctions! This is simply too funny.

While I have the utmost respect for Caltech as an academic institution, I am astounded that they could find their way into this mess. As far as I know, sports are basically unheard of at Caltech, and the fact that they could get slapped with athletic sanctions at all is just too hilarious. Read the article to find out exactly how they earned these laurels, I won’t spoil it for you.

Bring on the Olympics! With those going on, and my boss being out of town, lab productivity is going to be at an all-time low (I’m not complaining).

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